Wang Zhenying
Dr. Wang Zhenying earned his PhD in Law from Renmin University of China in 1994. He currently serves as a research fellow at the People's Bank of China. Dr. Wang gained significant recognition within the economics community following the publication of his book, Principles of Transactional Economics, in 2016.
Wang Yongli
Dr. Wang Yongli holds a PhD in Economics. As a prominent figure in China’s financial sector, he has served many leadership positions at major institutions, including Vice President and Executive Director of the Bank of China, the first director of SWIFT from mainland China
Wei Liqun
Wei Liqun is a distinguished scholar with extensive experience in government policy research. He initiated the Applied Economics Group of the National Social Science Fund and currently serves as the Director of the Academic Committee of the China Society of Administrative Reform. Additionally, he is a member of the Central Advisory Committee of the Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project.
Weng Huainan
Dr. Weng Huainan is a multifaceted scholar with a focus on the cross-cultural communication of Chinese intellectual history, particularly through the lens of material culture.
Wang Shuizhao
Wang Shuizhao, born in 1934, is a native of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. He is a literary historian and senior professor of liberal arts at Fudan University.
Wang Linbai
Wang Linbai is a celebrated children’s author decorated with many prestigious awards, including the 10th National Outstanding Children’s Book Award,
Wu Yin
Wu Yin, editor-in-chief of the Tea Source Geography series, founder of the new life of tea ceremony, director of the National Tea Security Information Center, general planner and producer of spring festival gala for Chinese tea enthusiasts, and master supervisor at South China Agricultural University.
Wang Yuanlin
Wang Yuanlin is a PhD in history. He works at Guangzhou University as the deputy dean of the School of Humanities, professor and doctoral supervisor in the History Department, as well as deputy director of the Academy of Lingnan Culture and Arts.
Wang Yongying
Wang Yongying is a member of the China Writers Association, member of the 9th National Committee of China Writers Association, and vice chairman of Guangxi Writers Association.
Wang Yang
Wang Yang, Ph.D., Professor at the School of Philosophy and Social Development of Huaqiao University.