Li Yan: Various measures are taken to give impetus to going-out

Aug 28 2017

“The internationalization of publishing should serve the overall interests and move on with the trend.” As introduced by the vice president Li Yan, the China Publishing Group has been stepping up efforts in management, service and training to improve efficiency in going-out.


China Helps UNESCO's Magazine Courier Resume Publication

May 15 2017

After a five-year break, Courier, a magazine published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) resumed publication in April with the support of China.


Earliest Historical Record of Diaoyu Islands Debuts at London Book Fair

Mar 21 2017

The Diaoyu Islands is an inherent territory of China. This indisputable fact is backed by the photocopy of Shun Feng Xiang Song (Voyage with a Tail Wind), the earliest historical record of the Diaoyu Islands, which is on display at the London Book Fair.


China Publishing Group Ranks 29 of “China’s Top 500 Brands”

Feb 07 2017

China Publishing Group listed 29 of “China’s Top 500 Brands”, which was listed with a big raise after successively selected into “Top 500 Asia Brand” in 2014 and 2015.



Shui Sheng started to work in a phenol factory as an apprentice when he was 20 years old. Under his master’s guidance, he learned the technics of making this chemical material in a toxic plant and got acquainted with fellow apprentice Gen Sheng and other employees.



Xue Er is a horse that Po Wa saves from a wolf pack. It lives a peaceful and pastoral life with Po Wa’s family in the Yehu Valley until one day, when war breaks out. Just as unfortunate as Xue Er is, the villagers of the Yehu Valley are attacked by the Japanese cannons.


Old Man

Set in a small village in southern Shaanxi Province, this story follows the life of an old man (Lao Sheng)- a funeral singer- who has lived through the entire 20th century and witnesses life and death in the village. Jia Pingwa wants to do the same thing with this novel: tell the stories of the land and the people whose fates are deeply rooted in this land.


One Belt and One Road: The China Logic of Global Development

"One Belt and One Road," a major state strategy proposed by President Xi Jinping, is not only a descendent of the ancient Chinese Silk Road in terms of common development and a win-win concept of peace, but also builds a greater economic development platform that benefits more countries and regions.


Cao Wenxuan

One of China's most popular authors of children's fiction, Cao Wenxuan's works are typically set in the China of the 1950s and 60s, and feature children and animals as their main characters. His reputation abroad is on the rise, as seen on 4 April 2016 when he won the Hans Christian Andersen Award.


Mo Yan

Mo Yan is the first Chinese writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. With his regional literature works appearing suddenly in the 1980s, he is honored as a “root-questing” literary writer full of complicated feelings of “homesick”.


Tie Ning

As a woman author, Tie Ning was born in 1957 in Beijing. With ancestral home in Hebei, she is a professional writer. She ever took the post of President of Writers Association of Hebei Province and Vice-Chairman of Chinese Writers Association. She was elected as Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association in 2006.


Mai Jia

Mai Jia has published works since 1988. And he joined in Chinese Writers Association in 2005. He has authored saga novels Uncover the Secrets, Plot Against, Sound of Breeze; novel collections Zimiheimi, The Shaft, Military, Let's Masked People Speak, etc. Uncover the Secret won the Sixth China Book Award and nomination of the sixth Mao Dun Literature Award.

The Beijing International Book Fair

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