Mai Jia
Mai Jia, who spent many years in the Chinese intelligence services, is one of China's bestselling and most famous writers. He is the author of four novels, three of which have been turned into television series and films. Mai has won almost every major book prize in China, including its highest literary honor, the Mao Dun Literature Prize.
Mo Yan
Mo Yan is the first Chinese writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. With his regional literature works appearing suddenly in the 1980s, he is honored as a “root-questing” literary writer full of complicated feelings of “homesick”.
Ma Jun
Ma Jun, professor and Ph.D. supervisor at the Strategy Teaching and Research Department of the National Defence University PLA China and director at the Chinese Research Association of Second World War History, has extensive experience in research on international politics, foreign military theories, and military history.
Ma Jun
Ma Jun is a Doctor of Law at Peking University, professor and doctoral supervisor at National Defense University, and Gold Medal winner of National Military Academy Education campaign.
Ma He
Ma He is a poet and children’s literature writer. Graduated from Beijing Normal University majoring in literary creation, she mainly engaged in poetry writing.
Mao Haijian
Mao Haijian, born in 1954, studied under Professor Chen Xulu in his early years.
Meng Xianming
Meng Xianming, famous writer, scriptwriter, folklorist, is the chairman of Henan Children’s Literature Association, vice chairman of Henan Folklore Association, part-time professor of the School of Literature of Henan University.