Fei Jingmiao
Born in 1990, the illustrator of Persimmons of Good Fortune holds a master’s degree in the theory and practice of Chinese painting from Southeast University’s School of Art. This expertise, combined with a heartfelt connection to the subject matter, shines through in every page of this book.
Thea Lu
Thea Lu is an illustrator as well as a children’s picture book author. After earning a master’s degree in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art in 2021, she leveraged her earlier background in product design and design strategy from Tsinghua University to excel in crafting conceptually rich picture books across genres, including non-fiction and interactive formats.
Wang Linbai
Wang Linbai is a celebrated children’s author decorated with many prestigious awards, including the 10th National Outstanding Children’s Book Award,
Tian Chongxue
Hailing from Juye County, Shandong Province, Professor Tian Chongxue, holds a Doctor of Literature degree.
Lawrence Wang-chi Wong
Wang Hongzhi, a distinguished scholar of Chinese translation and literature, holds a PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.
Chang Shana
Born in Paris in 1931, Chang Shana returned to China at the age of 3 with his father, the renowned artist Chang Shuhong (1904 – 1994).
Zhou Shangyi
Professor Zhou Shangyi teaches at the Department of Geographic Sciences of Beijing Normal University.
Xu Kun
Xu Kun, born in March 1965 in Shenyang, was a female writer and Doctor of Art.
Shi Yifeng
Shi Yifeng, born in 1979 in Beijing, was admitted to the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University in 1998 and got his Master of Art degree there.
Qin Wenjun
Qin Wenjun, one of the outstanding children’s literature writers in contemporary China, is acclaimed as the “Contemporary Bing Xin.”