Gu Nong

Gu Nong, born in 1944, a native of Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University in 1966 as a literature major, and later worked as professor at the College of Humanities of Yangzhou University, where he was once also the head of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and has now retired. Over the years, he has devoted himself to the researches on the literary history of the Three Kingdoms, the Western Jin and the Eastern Jin Dynasties and the Northern and Southern Dynasties, as well as to the study of Lu Xun. He has written piles of books, including New Explorations on the Essays of Wei and Jin Dynasties (Weijin Wenzhang Xintan) (1999), A Literary History of Jian’an Period (Jian’an Wenxueshi) (2000), Five Essays at Tingxiaolou (Tingxiaolou Wuji) (2004), Annotated Commentary on Golden Treasury of Quatrains and Octaves (Qianjiashi Zhuping) (2006), Selected Works Series (Wenxuan Luncong) (2007), Essays on Literature and History on Siwangting (Siwangting Wenshi Suibi) (2012), From Kong Rong to Tao Yuanming - A Discussion on the History of Literature of the Late Han, Three Kingdoms, and the Western Jin and the Eastern Jin Dynasties (Cong Kong Rong Dao Tao Yuanming - Hanmo Sanguo Liangjin Wenxueshi Lunheng) (2013), On Lu Xun (Yu Lu Xun Youguan) (2014), Talking about Feelings (Tanfeichangtan) (2016), The Poet Lu Xun (Shiren Lu Xun) (2020), Essay in the Year of Jihai (Jihai Suibi) (2021), and A History of Literature of Ancient China (Zhongguo Zhonggu Wenxueshi) (2022), among others.