Xu Kun

Xu Kun, born in March 1965 in Shenyang, was a female writer and Doctor of Art. She is currently the chief-editor of the Journal of Selected Novels, committee member of China Writers Association, specialist with special government allowances of the State Council, and a cultural celebrity of the four major fields of theory, literature, journalism, and publishing in the national cultural system. She mainly engages in novel writing, literary criticism, and stage show creation. Her representative works include Xianfeng, Chufang, Gouri De Zuqiu, Wuye Guangchang Zuihou De Tange, Chuntian De Ershi’er Ge Yewan, Yecaogen, and Bayue Kuangxiangqu. Her drama “Xingqing Nannv” was staged in Beijing People’s Art Theater in 2006.