Qin Wenjun

Qin Wenjun, one of the outstanding children’s literature writers in contemporary China, is acclaimed as the “Contemporary Bing Xin.” She has dedicated herself to writing for thirty years and her works have become popular among school children, earning the title of “Heartwarming Works for Children in the New Era.” She is renowned for her creation of novels on children’s growth, with her first medium-length novel, The Shining Firefly, published in 1981, marking the beginning of her literary career. Her works often depict children’s thoughts and actions from their own perspective, characterized by witty and humorous language, as well as touching and attractive narratives. She has published works totaling 4 million characters, among which the most representative works include Jia Li, the Boy, Jia Mei, the Girl, Mischievous Lu Zhisheng, Little Girl Lin Xiaomei, Mischievous Days, and The Dancing Sunflower. The “Jia Li, Jia Mei” series has become a sensation on campuses, with individual book sales exceeding one million copies, resonating with countless young readers and influencing generations of primary and secondary school students.

Qin Wenjun has received numerous awards, including the “Five One Project” Award of spiritual civilization, nomination for the National Book Award, the Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award, and the Third Shanghai Literature and Art Outstanding Achievement Award. She has also been awarded the Third, Fourth, and Fifth National Outstanding Children’s Literature Awards by the China Writers Association, the Gold Award of the Pugongying (Dandelion) Prize by the Ministry of Culture, the Ninth Government Book Award, the First Prize of the Third National Outstanding Children’s Reading Materials, and was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2002.

Her works, such as The Happy Girl and Jia Li, the Boy, have been published in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, and German, achieving great success in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Over ten of her works, including Mischievous Lu Zhisheng, Jia Li, the Boy, and A Clown in the Family, have been adapted into movies and TV series and have successively.