Guo Baolin

Guo Baolin, born in Guan County, Liaocheng, Shandong, is member of Chinese Writers Association, director of the Chinese Institute of Prose, and deputy secretary-general of Chinese Prose and Tourism Literature Research Association.

Main works of his include: collection of essays such as The Olive Tree of Youth, Reading the Northwest, Horizon in Yesterday, Ancient Writers, A Tour of the Western Region, The Lonely Man’s Song, The Voice in Chinese Ink Painting, Deep in the Sun: Guo Baolin’s Classic Proses; and long documentary literature such as On the Snowy Plateau: Kong Fansen, Taklimakan: Red, Yellow and Black, National Scholar Fu Sinian and The Yellow River Delta. 

Guo was shortlisted for the 1st Lu Xun Literary Prize and won China's “Five Top Projects” Award (Award for Works as Finalists), the 1st Bing Xin Prose Award, the 2nd Outstanding Works of Chinese Biographical Literature Award, the 1st Qilu Literature Award, Taishan Literature Award and other awards.