Gao Honglei

Born in 1964, writer Gao Honglei is a native of Xintai city, Shandong province. His proses, essays and monographs have been published since the 1990s. Gao has long been devoted to studying on politics, economy, culture, ethnic history, anthropology and geology. Skillful at writing accessible history articles and documentary literature, he has created works such as Report of the Western Regions (Da Xie Xiyu), Another Civilization, Loulan ah, Loulan, and The Story of The Chinese Nation. His masterwork The Other Half of China History has been translated into 7 languages including Uyghur, Mongolian, Kazakh, Kirgiz, Xibe and Korean. Gao's book Report of the Western Regions won the Xu Chi Reportage Award. He was also chosen as the Children’s book laureate of the year by China Publishing Today weekly and the Publishers Association of China for his book The Story of The Chinese Nation.