Ge Liang

Born in 1978 in Nanjing, Ge Liang now lives in Hong Kong SAR. He received his Ph.D. in Chinese from Hong Kong University and currently holds a position at Hong Kong Baptist University. His writings have been published in the Chinese mainland, Taiwan region, and Hong Kong SAR. He is the author of the novels Paper Hawk, Scarlet Finch, Seven Tones, The Years, The Crow, Raccoon, and Mind Reader, and the essay collection Sketches. His works have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and other languages. He is the winner of the Hong Kong Book Prize, the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards, and the first prize of The Unitas Fiction Writer’s Prize of Taiwan, among other prizes. His novels were picked by Yazhou Zhoukan as one of the ten best novels twice. He has also won the Good Chinese Book Award and the Huawen Quality Selection Award and used to be named the “Chinese Person of the Year” and “Cross-Strait Writer of the Year (2017)” by Southern People Weekly.