CPG International (Flieder-Verlag GmbH)

CPG International (Flieder-Verlag GmbH) was established in 2009 in Frankfurt Germany, specializing in publishing and distribution of books varying from children´s to adult´s titles. Beside the publishing business, Flieder is also acting as a foreign rights agent. It scouts for excellent content from publishers all over the world and then license it to publishers in China. Flieder also helped many Chinese publishing houses selling their books to international publishing houses. At the same time, Flieder also distributes its books and books from other Chinese publishers via several sales channels such as own online bookshop chineshlef.de, German Thalia chain bookshop (both online and stationary) and Amazon. The books reach readers throughout Germany and other European countries.

Contacts: Ren Lei

Address:Siemensstrasse 4, Postfach 1131, 63329 Egelsbach, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tel: 0049 6103 44812

Fax: 0049 6103 49378

E-mail: info@fliederverlag.de