Creating the Organization of the Future: Building on Drucker and Confucius Foundations
By Bernie Jaworski, Virginia Cheung  Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Paper Back
2023-07-01 | ISBN: 978-1-83753-217-9
Rights Manager: Lu Jun

Amidst the digital surge, volatile markets, and industry shakeups defining today’s business landscape, uncertainty looms large. How can companies navigate this unpredictable terrain and build a lasting foundation for sustainable growth? This book offers a practical guide to formulating vital organizational elements - mission, vision, purpose, values, and culture. Backed by insightful references and diverse case studies, it delves into the practical application of business philosophies and tools across different industries. It also presents a comparative analysis of ten key principles of management of Peter Drucker and Confucianism, aiming to help businesses to harness these timeless philosophies in addressing contemporary challenges and strategically planning for the future.