Lin Handa's New Compilation of Stories about Countries of East Zhou
By Lin Handa  Publisher: Zhonghua Book Company
Paper Back
2023-10-27 | ISBN: 9787101163261
Rights Manager: Wang Ruiyu

This is a representative work of Lin Handa's series of new compilation of stories about Chinese history, the book unrolls the history of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 BC - 221 BC), covering its inception when King Ping moved his court to Luoyi (today's Luoyang City of Henan Province) to the unification by Qin Shi Huang, the creator of the unified Chinese empire. Based on the narration of the Chinese historical classics Zuo Zhuan and Shi Ji, the book provides a carefully curated collection of 180 stories arranged in chronological order, demonstrating a clear outline of the important historical events during this period.  

Lin Handa was a well-known contemporary Chinese educator and a pioneer linguist who championed the reformation of Chinese language. His works are critically acclaimed both for the solid historical narration and the unadorned yet powerful language, serving as great reference for the introduction of Chinese history and improvement of Chinese reading and writing skills.