The Second Brain
By Tu Zipei  Publisher: China Translation & Publishing House
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2023-02-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5001-7272-7
Rights Manager: zheng Nan

The second brain is a new tool that has emerged between the individual and the internet. It is not only a digital replica of our biological brain or an external brain that can record, store and search information at any time, but also a complement and extension of the biological brain that can continuously and dynamically integrate and analyze our records. With the help of algorithms, it can help us discover and create valuable connections and promote the first brain to generate new ideas.

In addition to introducing concepts, this book explains the method, steps and outlook of building the second brain. It is a brand new brain-computer collaborative information organizing method, and a unique method to gain insight into yourself and live a successful life. This method will break your cognitive boundaries and thinking limits, and help those who are struggling due to information overload. Furthermore, the author explores how the second brain, as a personal legacy, can be continuously passed on and optimized to benefit future generations and become a family advantage.

The kind of life we will live depends on the kind of information we have access to throughout our lifetime and how we use it. People who possess and master the second brain will be able to learn and work more efficiently, generate a constant stream of new ideas, and achieve self-fulfillment and success in the digital age, regardless of their profession.