Biology of Female Poet Xue Tao in Tang Dynesty
By Wang Yangling  Publisher: China Democracy and Legal system Publishing House
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787516219027
Rights Manager: Carolyn,Zhai

The story tells about Xue Tao, a Tang Dynesty female poet's legend. Xue Tao's life is outstanding, going from a humble actress to an editor of Tang Dynesty and to a free poet. She once suffered in wars and went to Songzhou, the border town twice; she witnessed and enjoyed the prosperity of the mid-rise and exerted her creativity and imagination happily; she is a pro in writing poems, calligraphy, painting and making quality paper; she loved but was not obsessed with it; as a humble actress, she singled herself out by her brilliance and talents; she longed for the literary tradition of nobility despite being a woman. Her name and poems are handed down hundreds of years.