The Cultural Connotation of Chinese Path to Modernization
By Liu Yuli  Publisher: China Democracy and Legal system Publishing House
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2024-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5162-3480-8
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As a civilization boasting a time-honored history, China has a rich cultural heritage, which has shaped the character of the Chinese people, fostering a strong sense of national identity and instilling values like self-improvement and virtue. It's no surprise then, that continuity, innovation, unity, inclusiveness, and peace characterize Chinese civilization. During a period of cultural self-doubt in modern times, the Communist Party of China drew inspiration from Marxism, aiming to revitalize the nation’s ancient heritage. China's exceptional traditional culture remains a cornerstone of its identity, a potent form of cultural soft power. By harmonizing the core principles of Marxism with its rich cultural heritage, China can harness a wellspring of wisdom and a force of civilization to drive the comprehensive rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, fostering a unique path towards modernization in the new era. It also contributes to the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. This book delves into the historical roots and cultural legacy that underpins China’s path to modernization, providing readers with a deeper understanding of why China's exceptional traditional culture is the nation's distinct advantage. By fostering cultural confidence and innovation, embracing openness and inclusiveness, and upholding integrity, China demonstrates a strong commitment to continuing to promote cultural prosperity, building a nation strong in its cultural identity, and shaping a modern Chinese civilization. These efforts will empower China to better take on new cultural missions and actively engage in exchange and mutual learning with civilizations, fostering a powerful spiritual driving force for the development and national rejuvenation of the country.