Chao 166 · Space Adventure
By V.A.  Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
Paper Back
2023-01-04 | ISBN: 9787020174270
Rights Manager: Zeng Shaomei

Tide 166: Space Adventures marks the third installment of an exciting series, a collaborative effort between Chinese and foreign writers exploring a selection of themes. This volume brings together thirteen captivating science fiction stories, with contributions from six Chinese authors and seven English-speaking authors. The Chinese stories were edited and selected by Yao Haijun, deputy editor-in-chief of Science Fiction World magazine, while the English stories benefited from the consultancy of Patrick Parrinder, president of H.G. Wells Society, and edited by Flame Tree Press.

This project was born from a desire to connect like-minded individuals. We hope to ignite inspiration and spark lively dialogue among writers from different backgrounds and with different writing styles. By breaking down language and traditional barriers, we aim to shape an inclusive future brimming with curiosity for the unexplored. In this future, we embrace the joy brought by technological advancements while celebrating the perseverance of humanity.

Turn the pages of this collection and discover a captivating array of stories, each brimming with depth and intrigue. These stories delve into varied themes, reflecting the unique voices and cultural backgrounds of their authors.