Starry Sky and Half a Tree
By Chen Yan  Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
Paper Back
2023-05-01 | ISBN: 9787020177844
Rights Manager: Ma Yuanyuan

Deep within the Qinling Mountains, on a world swallowed by the vastness of universe—our Earth—nestled a tiny village called Beidou. One night, a lone owl's hoot pierced the snowfall-laden silence, a harbinger of change for the villagers of Beidou. The theft of a century-old tree, standing between two neighboring properties, ignited a conflict that would simmer for over a decade. As the stars shifted in the sky, this incident ensnared a diverse cast of characters - families, neighbors, and newcomers. The story delves into the fascinating landscapes and the complex tapestry of human relationships in rural China. It weaves together economic realities with cultural values, offering a glimpse into the values and wisdom rooted in China's traditions.