Tian Chongxue

Hailing from Juye County, Shandong Province, Professor Tian Chongxue, holds a Doctor of Literature degree. He serves a multitude of roles, including speaker for the TV show Lecture Room, professor of the School of Liberal Arts, Jiangsu Normal University, and supervisor of postgraduate students studying Literature, Theatre, Film and Television, academic leader of Jiangsu Province’s Qinglan Project, and visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He has garnered many awards, including the 3rd Prize of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Literary Criticism Award and the 2nd Prize of the 8th China TV Golden Eagle Award. He is author of acclaimed books like Literature and Sentiment, Jiangnan of the Survivors, Essence of Tragedies and Chinese Poetry, along with over 100 literary reviews and essays. Beyond the realm of literature, he has demonstrated versatility by creating impactful visual and audio content, including documentaries, TV series, and essays in a visual and audio format on TV.