Dong Jianguo

Dong Jianguo, a senior photographer who joined the Music Research Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Arts in 1976. He started to study Chinese guqin culture since the 1980s, and has since collected over 700 pieces of illustrated materials about guqin in Chinese history by visiting museums and private collectors across the country with the support from Wang Shixiang and Yuan Quanyou, and guqin scholars including Wang Di, Xu Jian, and Wu Zhao. Since 2013, he began to shoot guqin with new technologies, leading to great achievements in specifying to which dynasty a guqin belongs. His publications include A Pictorial Guide to the History of Chinese Music (1987, co-created with Liu Dongsheng), A Pictorial Guide to Chinese Musical Instruments (1992), China Guqin Reference Book (1997, co-created with Wu Zhao), Privately Collected Guqin in China (2013), and Guqin Makers in Contemporary China (2020). Currently, Dong is editing Appreciation of Famous Chinese Qin of Successive Dynasties and other pictorial books.