Zhou Songfang

Zhou Songfang, doctor of literature, scholar of literature and history and columnist, has published such academic works as A Proud Master of Literature: A Study of Liu Ji and Tang Xianzu’s Travel to Lingnan: How It Influenced the Writing of The Peony Pavilion (of which the article “Liu Mengmei: a gifted scholar in Lingnan” won the second prize of the 31st Tian Han Drama Awards). 

He has written column articles for Southern Metropolis Daily and other well-known newspapers and magazines in topics such as food, clothing and romantic life. In addition, he has published more than ten monographs including the Lingnan Taotie: Nine Chapters of Eating in Guangdong, Clothes in the Republic of China: Old System and New Fashion, Food Journey to the West: History and Culture of Overseas Chinese Restaurants in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Taste of the Republic of China: Golden Age of the Lingnan Food, and Cantonese Cuisine in Shanghai and Overseas.