Tang Jianping

Tang Jianping is the first Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition in China’s mainland, famous contemporary composer, professor and the head of Composition Department of Central Conservatory of Music. He studied western percussion at Jilin Art School (known as Jilin University of Arts at present) under the guidance of the Philippine musician Santos from 1970. In 1978, he began his composition study with Prof. Zhang Shouming and Prof. Huo Cunhui at Shenyang Conservatory of Music, and in 1985 he entered the Central Conservatory of Music and began his study for his master's degree and doctoral degree with Prof. Su Xia. His representative works include The Spring and Autumn (pipa concerto), Cang Cai, Sacred Fire 2008 (percussion concerto), The Flying Song (flute concerto), Shaolin in the Wind (music for the dance drama), Jing Wei, Xuan Huang (chamber music), Album of Plants, White Horses among the Reeds (grand cantata), and The Forbidden City (music for featured documentary), and so on.