Autobiography of Lao She: An Annotated Edition
By Lao She, annotated by Xu Deming, Yi Hua  Publisher: Modern Press Co., Ltd.
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2018-10-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5143-6773-7
Rights Manager: Ding Jie

This book is a collection of works by Lao She, a “People’s Artist”, who has long been attracting international attention in the literary world. This book is an authoritative version recommended by the Chinese Lao She Research Association and Lao She’s family. Out of the over 400,000 words in the book, more than a quarter are annotations. They are carefully selected and integrated by Professor Xu Deming and Professor Yi Hua, two experts in the study of Lao She, from the Complete Works of Lao She. The text in the book are self-portraits of Lao She at different stages of his life, including records of visiting families and friends, memories of his hometown, traveling and sightseeing, reflections on his writing, and experiences of family life, all of which are authentic descriptions of true events. This book combines biographies, historical materials and discussions, preserving as much as possible the original appearance of Mr. Lao She’s self-portraits. It compiles these precious first-hand materials into a “autobiography” that is faithful to the original author, making up for the regret that Mr. Lao She never wrote an autobiography in his later years.