Chinese Music Dictionary (Revised Edition)
By Research Institute of Music of China Art Acadamy  Publisher: People's Music Publishing House
Paper Back
2021-03-01 | ISBN: 978-7-103-04781- 1
Rights Manager: Li Lidong

Chinese Music Dictionary (Revised Edition) contains 6,221 entries, covering studies of history of Chinese ancient music, history of Chinese modern and contemporary music, traditional Chinese music (music of Chinese ethnic minorities), aesthetics of Chinese music and so on. The entries consist of terms about temperament, composition and performing of Chinese music; music types, institution and society, functional governing, organization, books and periodicals, relevant figures, works in the past dynasties of China; and terms pertaining to songs, singing and dancing music, folk music, opera music, and instrumental music in China. Contemporary Chinese music theorists, composers, conductors, singers, music educationists, opera musicians, music publishers are also included. Important contemporary Chinese music works, books and periodicals, music organizations, institutions, schools and events are collected as well.