Grand Symphonic Choral Cycle -Chinese Spirit
By Qi Jianbo  Publisher: People's Music Publishing House
Paper Back
2021-06-01 | ISBN: 978- 7-103-06089- 6
Rights Manager: Li Lidong

Works from this book are written by Che Hang and composed by Qi Jianbo. The whole set consists of a numbered notation book of 20 melodies, a book of 20 scores of chorus with piano accompaniments, as well as attached music in the forms of 2 CDs and 1 USB flash disk. The 20 works are written with profound connotation, solemnity and magnificence in elegant and various styles, to recall the representative deeds of the Communist Party of China since its founding in 1921 and demonstrate the confidence, spirit and vigor of Chinese people in the new era. This book is to inspire people and gather the strength of Chinese nation.