The Hometown that Lives in You
By Ji Xianlin, Shi Tiesheng, Yu Hua, etc.  Publisher: Modern Press Co., Ltd.
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5143-9143-5
Rights Manager: Ding Jie

The second volume of “The Best Essay Collections”, the book is divided into five sections covering such themes as hometown, kinship, sparks of life and so on. The works selected are proses of Yang Jiang, Ji Xianlin, Zong Pu, Yu Hua, Shi Tiesheng, Jia Pingwa, Yu Guangzhong, Xi Murong, Zhou Guoping, Mai Jia, and other famous writers. By depicting the vicissitudes of life, the book provides readers a consolation and reminds them the preciousness of sincere kinship and friendship despite ups and downs in life.