Marriage Takes Courage
By JIN Xiao'an,illustrated by TAN Shuo  Publisher: Modern Press Co., Ltd.
Paper Back
2020-06-04 | ISBN: 978-7-5143-8435-2
Rights Manager: Ding Jie

This book by the best-selling author Jin Xiao’an offers married couples tips for improving intimacy in marriage.

The author analyzes problems that are likely to occur in modern marriage, and tries to offer practical tips to married couples. The book recommends some simple and easy ways to build a great marriage, prompting couples to reflect on their own problems and helping them effectively identify the root causes, find solutions, and build intimacy.

Marriage is a promise, a promise to keep. Entering into a marriage means that you and your partner believe in each other and believe that this person is your other half. There will be complaint, push and pull, and quarrels, but you can always work through issues and grow together in marriage.