The Grand Canal, the Carrier of the Forbidden City
By Shan Jixiang  Publisher: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787520208291
Rights Manager: Xu Qiuyue

This book states the story of the Grand Canal in China. From the professional perspectives of linear heritage and living heritage, the author narrates the landscape of the Canal at different levels in a logical order, presenting its ancient and modern features coupled with the concept and practice of cultural heritage protection. The book is divided into eight chapters, Incorporating Natural Landscape, Historical Landscape, Engineering, River Channel and Transportation Landscape, Architecture, Block, Garden and Urban landscape, Production and Commercial Landscape, Folk House, Folk Custom and Life Landscape, and Art and Religious Landscape of the Grand Canal. It is the first volume of the series "Chinese Stories in Cultural Heritage," with the author serving as a masterly storyteller.