Memories Engraved on Stone: Stone Carvings in the Han Dynasty
By Zhang Daoyi  Publisher: Zhonghua Book Company
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787101142266
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The art of pictorial stones, which dates to China’s Han Dynasty (206 BC–AD 220), honestly captured the social life of the Han Dynasty in a masterful and impressive way, as commented by famous Chinese historian Jian Bozan (1898–1968). Written by Professor Zhang Daoyi, a famous scholar of Folklore Studies and Art of Design, the book reveals the society and tradition of the Han Dynasty by analyzing more than 600 pictures of stone carvings of the Han Dynasty under three categories: social life and folklore, mythology and legendary stories, and auspicious animals and leisure life. Through the interpretation of the archaeological information, graphic art, stories contained, and text attached to those pictorial stones, readers may feel like being in the ancient Han empire, where material richness and spiritual concepts are celebrated. Readers can not only appreciate the beauty of art but also understand the ancient history and culture.