The Life Pursuers: Traditional Chinese Lifestyle
By Xi Wenqian  Publisher: Zhonghua Book Company
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787101154351
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By nature, we desire delicacy and beauty and enjoy our daily life by satiating our senses. It is the same with people living in ancient China. This book vividly depicts the lifestyle of ancient Chinese people so that readers will feel like experiencing the culinary art, clothing, travel, vegetation, seasonal activities, performance, and music art in the ancient world. Readers will get to understand the traditional Chinese values such as the relationship between Heaven and Man, senses of time and space, religious beliefs, ethics and morals, thinking patterns, political thought, healthcare ideas, customs and practices, aesthetic tendencies, and attitudes towards leisure and entertainment. As you walk into the lively ancient life scenes, hopefully, you will feel dear to your ancient neighbors and be inspired by their passion in life. Clean, accurate, and witty, The Life Pursuers is an excellent essay collection.