Secrets of Chinese Music
By Zou Di/Wen Aining  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787501616817
Rights Manager: WangHe

This is an original musical picture book which imparts knowledge about Chinese musical instruments with young readers. In ancient China, musical instruments were divided into eight distinct categories—instruments made of metal, stone, clay, leather, string, bamboo, gourd, and wood. Depicting a story between a boy and his grandpa, this musical picture book, “Secrets of Chinese Music”, reveals secrets about these instruments arranged in the aforementioned categories. By innovatively integrating text, illustration, music and video within the story, this picture book enables young readers to learn more and connect more closely with Chinese music from different dimensions. The author and the illustrator depict not only the deep affection between a grandson and his grandpa, but also the boy’s development under the influence of Chinese music.