The Compendium of Chinese Materia Medica
By Song Yan  Publisher: Zhonghua Book Company
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 9787101127942
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This book is adapted from the documentary film with the same title the Tale of Chinese Herbal Medicine. It completely represents the stories of that documentary with a fluent and lively tone, showing us the regional herbs, the skill of processing herbal medicines, the medical principles and the millennial inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. What’smore, it adds the column of “Qi Huang Points”:selecting the records related to the main herbal medicines in the ancient books of traditional Chinese medicine, and interprets the knowledge of materia medica. The ways of daily health care like diet therapy and classical prescription make the book more humanistic and practical.The Tale of Chinese Herbal Medicine has won rave reviews. It successively obtained numerousdocumentary awards, including “the Best Documentary on Humanity”of the Third "Golden Panda"International Documentary Festival in 2016 and “the Best China Series Award”of Beijing International Film Festival in 2017. It has become a shining national card of traditional Chinese medicine culture.