The Illustrated Book of Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage List Items Ⅱ
By Foshan Museum  Publisher: World Publishing Corporation
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5192-8207-3
Rights Manager: Liu Xu
Phone: 020-84460408

This book is the second systematic arrangement of the Foshan national and provincial intangible cultural heritage material, with pictures and texts mixed, hardcover printing, Chinese and English contrast. It is divided into seven chapters, including traditional music, folk art, traditional sports, traditional art, and traditional medicine. It consists of the representative intangible cultural heritage projects in Foshan City, such as Wing Chun, Chinese bone-setting therapy, Guangzhou embroidery, Foshan gold beating techniques, etc. It has recorded in detail the generation, origin, important technical parameters and current development of the project, etc. The content and related data are provided by the inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritage and compiled by experts from the Foshan Museum and Foshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center.