Setting the Direction for Your Firm: Based o n Foundation Thinking o f Drucker and Confucianism
By Bernie Jaworski、Virginia Cheung  Publisher: Orient Publishing Center
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5473-1875-1
Rights Manager: Shen Yiting

Drucker and Confucianism are both applicable and pragmatic. Findings in this book show a clear connection between this ancient Oriental management philosophy and this modern Western management, suggest organizations can benefit from practicing Drucker and Confucian principles as systems that reinforce each other, and show readers how to make five “big choices” that sets the future direction of their firm. These five big choices are– defining the purpose of an organization, building a mission statement, setting an organization’s vision, crafting organizational values, and shaping the firm’s culture. And the practical value of this book is to propose how organizations can benefit from the application of both philosophies to set direction for the organization.