Masterpieces of Chinese Painting - Flower and Bird Themed Claborate-style Painting Series
By Gong Wenzhen  Publisher: Rongbaozhai Publishing House
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5003-1576-6
Rights Manager: Zheng Shuo & Chen Xipan

When China’s art ship launches into the twentieth century, major western capitalist countries have completed the industrial revolution and entered the industrial age one after another. With the global expansion of capitalism, the closed door of ancient China is forced to open and China thus embarks on its modernization. On this circumstance, Chinese painting is also facing transformation. Amid this transition, particularly noticeable is the modernization of contemporary flower-and-bird fine brushwork painting. During this period, Chinese painters base on the painting tradition and learn from realist concepts and artistic language to form a claborate-style painting genre with distinctive characteristics of the times. Young and middle-aged painters have become the main force to drive the in-depth development of Chinese flower-and-bird painting. Among them, Gong Wenzhen, Yu Jigao, Jin Hongjun and Wang Qingsheng have made remarkable achievements in contemporary flower-and-bird fine brushwork painting. Through masterpieces in this regard in collection of this album, readers can have a good understanding of the contemporary Chinese elaborate-style painting.