History of Chinese Arts and Crafts
By Tian Zibing  Publisher: Oriental Publishing Co. Ltd.
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-80627-114-8
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This book systematically collates the historical materials of ancient and modern Chinese arts and crafts expounds on the historical evolution and development of various arts and crafts in China. Also, it analyzes their artistic features and introduces production techniques, covering the whole process from the arts and crafts in primitive society to the modern arts and crafts in the People's Republic of China. The book convincingly reviews and outlines the development and evolution of Chinese arts and crafts through the combination of history and theory. Based on the narrative of historical materials and supplemented by many pictures of arts and crafts, they are surveyed in different periods, with vivid illustrations, restoring history to its original features. This book is of great reference value for learning and studying the development history of Chinese arts and crafts.