SUSTech Libraries: Space and Special Collections
By E Henian  Publisher: Rongbaozhai Publishing House
Paper Back
2022-12-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5003-2491-1
Rights Manager: Cui Chen
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SUSTech Libraries: Space and Special Collections invites readers on a visual journey through the Southern University of Science and Technology Library (SUSTech Libraries) through two key lenses: its architectural spaces and its exceptional special collections. As editor-in-chief E Henian notes, compared with services and technology, a library’s physical presence and its carefully curated collections offer more tangible expressions of the library’s essence and therefore are ideal subjects for this pictorial exploration.

This book consists of two parts: “The Beauty of Space” and “The Beauty of Special Collections”. The first part delves into the libraries’ architectural design, revealing how principles of respect and freedom, order and civilization, feeling and creation, and love and care are woven into their very fabric. It also explores the conceptual underpinnings, spatial layout, and management practices of the libraries’ diverse learning environments, including study halls, lecture halls, training rooms, discussion rooms, special collection rooms, and collaborative learning areas. Beyond showcasing the comfortable furniture, harmonious color palettes, and state-of-the-art equipment, this part reveals how the spaces cater to diverse learning needs.

The second part of the book, “The Beauty of Special Collections”, illuminates the heart of any serious research library. It delves into the meaning, significance, and methods of building exceptional collections within a university setting. Drawing on over a dozen remarkable examples, the book explores the diverse criteria for selecting books for special collections and the multifaceted value they hold. This exploration challenges the notion that a book’s worth lies solely in its age or price, demonstrating that even seemingly ordinary or recent publications can possess profound historical or cultural significance.

Crafted for optimal visual impact, the book’s interior boasts high-quality glossy paper for vibrant color reproduction and a glare-free reading experience. Exquisite binding technology allows the book to open up to 180 degrees, ideal for showcasing stunning cross-page pictures. The cover and title page feature a color palette echoing the distinct identities of the Lynne Library (gray) and Yidan Library (orange) of SUSTech. Additionally, the grid-like silver foil pattern adorning the cover pays homage to the iconic façade of the Lynne Library.