"Comics by Tsai Chih Chung for the Four Masterpieces" Series: Outlaws of the Marsh
By Tsai Chih Chung  Publisher: Modern Press Co., Ltd.
Paper Back
2024-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5231-0324-1
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"Comics by Tsai Chih Chung for the Four Masterpieces" is a book series crafted by renowned cartoonist  Tsai Chih Chung for young readers. Conveying the main story lines and key characters of the four masterpieces in the cartoonist’s own concise and humorous texts and amusing colored cartoons, the book series helps to young readers to grasp the essence of the classical literary masterpieces and learn from the life wisdom of ancient Chinese people. With English text juxtaposed with the Chinese text, the bilingual book series caters to both Chinese and foreign readers.