History of Traditional Chinese Opera Music in the Qing Dynasty (Vol. 1&2)
By Lu Yingkun  Publisher: Modern Press Co., Ltd.
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2023-06-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5231-0266-4
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The first dynastic monograph on the history of traditional Chinese opera music in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1912). Qing Dynasty was the most important period for the development of Chinese opera. This period saw the climax and decline of the Kunqu Opera, the subsequent rise of Bangzi Opera and Pihuang Opera, and the shift from the Qupai model to the Banqiang model as the fundamental opera style. The study of traditional Chinese opera music at this historical stage is of great significance and value. The author of this book, Professor Lu Yingkun, is a music theorist well-recognized in both music studies and the studies of traditional Chinese opera. He has long been widely respected for his rigorous academic attitude and solid research. Divided in two volumes, the 800,000-word monograph includes an introduction and 12 chapters, along with a final conclusion and references.