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Participating in international book fairs as the Guest of Honor

source:CNPIEC | 2015-08-19



Participating ininternational book fairs as the Guest of Honor is a major step taken by Chinese publishing industry to launch foreign publication & cultural exchange. Such international book fairs have become a key channel for China and the rest of the world to learn more about each other, and an important platform for Chinese publishing industry to expand foreign exchange and cooperation, launch international publication and copyright trade and compete in the international publication market.




As the Guest of Honor, China will mainly host publication exchange activities and a series ofcultural activities will also be staged with books as the medium. Examplesinclude communication with authors, cultural exhibitions, themed forums, etc.By presenting such activities, we aim at show casing the rich Chinese culture and its literary attainments, promoting cultural and publication exchanges between China and the rest of the world.




By 2015, China hasbeen invited to 13 international book fairs as the Guest of Honor: Salon duLivre Paris (France), Moscow International Book Fair (Russia), BudapestInternational Book Festival (Hungary), Seoul International Book Fair (Republicof Korea), Frankfurt Book Fair (Germany), Salonika International Book Fair(Greece), Cairo International Book Fair (Egypt), London Book Fair (the U.K.),Istanbul Book Fair (Turkey), Colombo International Book Fair (Sri Lanka),Belgrade Book Fair (Serbia), Minsk International Book Fair (Belarus), and BookExpo America (the U.S.).




Entrusted by theState General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television,China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC)has performed as the undertaker organizing activities of China as the Guest ofHonor for years. CNPIEC boasts a complete organizational structure and supportive facilities as well as a global business network, thus capable of providing support needed for these Guest of Honor activities. Its convention& exhibition team has rich experience in hosting large-scale international events, and is familiar with the process and rules of international publication exchange, capable to follow orders, highly responsible, and very loyal and committed to the country and government projects.






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