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Woodblock printing

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The technique of woodblock printing of Rong Bao Zhai has been developed by carrying on Chinese traditional woodblock printing. The procedure of woodblock printing includes four steps: tracing, carving, printing and mounting. According to the original painter’s brushstrokes, such as their thickness and thinness, straightness and curviness, the craftsmen do the tracing and carving. Then the paintings are to be reproduced with numbers of woodblocks. The woodblock printing works are required to follow the nature of the original works. All printing materials as paper, ink and pigments should be the same to the original works. So Rong Bao Zhai can reproduce printing works mostly the same as the original works.








The woodblock printing works of Han Xizai’s evening feast, Spring travel of the Guo State queen and Ladies with head-pinned flowers have won a great reputation all over the world. In recent years the woodblock printing works of The art of war by 100 calligraphers, Paintings of the twelve Chinese horoscope animals by Fan Zeng, Paintings on what I have seen and thought by Wu Guanzhong, Ahshima by Huang Yongyu, Album of Qi Baishi’s figure paintings and Collection of Shi Zhu Zhai’s writing paper have won many publication prizes.




In August 2008, Rong Bao Zhai set up the woodblock printing workshop. The workshop is a creative platform integrating performance, demonstration and sales. It opens up new approaches to develop and inherit the craftsmanship of woodblock printing. Woodblock printing of Rong Bao Zhai has appeared many times in important events such as Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo. It is highly praised by visitors from both home and abroad. And it has promoted cultural exchanges and the development of Chinese traditional culture.

In 2006, the woodblock printing craft of Rong Bao Zhai was put on the list of national intangible cultural heritage.

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