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The Chinese Textbooks Catalogue For Secondary And Higher Education

source:Xinhua Bookstores | 2015-08-19



《The Chinese Textbooks Catalogue For Secondary And HigherEducation》(the "TextbooksCatalogues") published by the Xinhua Bookstores is the most authoritative information index of textbooks for General Universities, Secondary And Higher Vocational-TechnicalEducation,to provide procurement service and books information for students, teachers, book dealersand all the textbook users.


In order to meet customer requirements, “Textbooks Catalogues” is normally published in March and September respectively. Presently “TextbooksCatalogues” covers more than160,000 kinds of textbooks information of University and secondary schools which are published by over 200 publishing houses, which covers over 85% textbook market. “Textbooks Catalogues” is as a main medium for publishing housesand book dealers to promote and popularize textbooks and it’s also as a primetool for teachers and students to purchase textbooks. Basing on the huge market,the annual combined circulation of “TextbooksCatalogues” tops 400,000copies. Through three different publishing versions including paper edition, CD-ROMversion, and web version, our “files” can provide such service as browsing booklist, achieving full text search, generating orders and downloading.


Currently, the “Textbooks Catalogues” is transforming and upgrading to the "national college textbooks network mining system"through the basis of the "Internet +". When the system is on line, it will use cloud computing, big data and mobile internet technology to achieve post textbook information, purchase paper-printing textbooks, publish digital education resources and analyze and evaluate textbooks in real-time. Our goalis to give education resource providers and users convenient way when they search for textbook information.


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