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Reprint Rights Of Foreign Languages Academic Journals And Books

source:World Publishing Corporation | 2015-08-19




World Publishing Corporation (WPC for short) is a subsidiary of China Publishing Group. It aims to purchase the reprintrights of foreign languages academic journals and books, which is the only publishing company in china authorized by the State Administration of Press,Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China.




Since the founding of our company, WPC willstill hold " Let the world know China and present China to the world"as its publishing principle, trying to alleviate the contradiction between the increasing demand of foreign academic journals and the fund deficiency of the colleges and universities in China. WPC has established a good business partnership with dozens of well-known publishers, in order to purchase thereprint rights at preferential pricesfrom those foreign publishers. These journals have been widely representative and authoritative in their own fields. The main target readers focus on university libraries with low budget, data rooms of science research instituteand local public libraries.



This work provides the latest development trends in science and technology fields of the world to the teachers andscientific researchers of our country, as well as saved a large amount of fundsfor libraries of wide range of universities and research institutes and datarooms. In addition, the main purpose of WPC carrying out this work is not to make profit, but to provide serviceto scientific researchers and university teachers to a large extent.




Currently, three branches of WPC, namely asBeijing World publishing corporation, Shanghai World Publishing Corporation,and the Xi'an World publishing corporation,engaged in this business, but each has different subjects. Among them, the mainsubject of Beijing branchis humanities and social sciences; the main subject of Shanghai branch is scienceand technology; Xi'an branch targets the subject of pharmaceutical biotechnology and agriculture.




So far, WPC has established a good business partnership with many well-known publishers,such as United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland,the Netherlands, Canada, Denmark and other developed countries’ famous publishing institutions after much efforts. Authorized foreign has reached more than 100, the company brought more than 6,000 kinds of reprintrights. Its distribution amounted to RMB Yuan 100 million,subjects including Medicine and Health care, Industrial technology, Biologicalscience, Math, Agriculture, Economics, Social science, Politics, Law, Philosophy,Culture, Education, History, Geography, Information System, Natural science, Transportation engineering, Earth science, Military, Environmental science and other 20 Categories.Most of these journals are the core journals included by SCI these are kind of essential source used of our country’s scientific researchers and teachers . Nearly 30years, WPC has been formed a unique characteristic brand at publishing industryin China, get widely recognized and welcomed by our technology sector,education sector and academia sector.




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