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source: | 2015-08-19

China Translation Corporation (CTC, formerly called China Translation and Publishing Corporation) is a state-level translation agency and subsidiary unit of China Publishing Group Corporation, established with the approval of the State Council.




The emergence of CTC is the result of China’s rise to the international political stage, while its development is fostered by China’s market reforms, the generous support of the government and its own innovative advances.


Since China resumed its legitimate position at the United Nations in 1971, the task of translating and printing UN documents into Chinese became a top priority. To this end, with the written instructions of Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai, the State Council approved the establishment of the United Nations Information Panel to be held specifically responsible for this task. The United Nations Information Panel became the Beijing Translation and Publishing Division which, with State Council approval, became the China Translation & Publishing Corporation(CTPC) in 1979. The course of CTPC’s growth and expansion was witnessed by Hua Guofeng, Hu Yaobang, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian, Geng Biao, Fang Yi, Ji Dengkui, Yu Qiuli and Gu Mu and Huang Hua as they served as Party and State leaders. In 2011, CTPC underwent corporate restructuring, was renamed China Translation & Publishing Co., Ltd., and was thereby transitioned from a public institution into a state-owned enterprise. In 2015, CTPC was divided into two companies and the translation part got its current name as China Translation Corporation (CTC).


Over the years, CTC has been entrusted with the important task of translating a trove of UN publications. CTC’s superior track record appears throughout the world - at the United Nations headquarters and its offices in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi, at international agencies such as the UNDP, UNHCR, UNEP, UNAIDS, WHO, UNESCO, ILO, UNIO, the World Bank, the IMF, and UNICEF. CTC has sent teams to the United Nations headquarters and other institutions on over 700 different occasions, offering on-site translation and interpretation services for all types of international conferences and conventions, in line with China’s increasingly significant and positive role in the United Nations, and having made its own unique contributions, CTC has also won the trust and respect of the United Nations Secretariat and other organizations.


Over the years, CTC has gathered, trained and developed a large number of talented professionals that specialize in the work of translation and publishing, with more than 700 professionals having joined CTC, more than 20 of whom enjoy special government allowances and more than 40 of whom have been awarded the title of Senior Translator from the Translators Association of China. Today, CTC language services reach across the globe, appearing in multiple languages and multiple disciplines. CTC hosts a high-level team of in-house translators, more than 90% of whom have at least post-graduate degree or hold dual degrees. This professional team of translators shoulders the task of translating to and from 30 different languages, which include Chinese, English, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic. After years of arduous practice, CTC’s unique translating style gradually came into being and has won the accolades of many a customer, both in China and throughout the world.


CTC has always adhered to offering high-caliber language services. It provided first-class language services for the 29th Summer Olympic Games that were held in Beijing in 2008, earning the Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Chinese Translation Cause, jointly issued by the Translators Association of China and the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee. In October 2008, CTC became the Translation and Interpretation Project Sponsor for Expo 2010 Shanghai China; having delivered high quality language services that contributed to the overall success of the Expo. CTC was recognized as an Exemplary Service Provider at the Expo Site and received the Special Contribution Award from the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination. CTC also provided a full range of high quality language services for the Shenzhen Universiade, the Guangzhou Asian Games, and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and won the commendations of the organizing committees. For four consecutive years, CTC has been identified by government authorities as a Key Enterprise for National Cultural Exports. CTC advocated, organized and participated in the drafting and preparation of the Chinese translation industry’s first, second and third national standards (in Chinese and English), it was also one of the main institutions that drafted and formulated the Standard English Translations for Public Signs in Beijing.


As the language service provider of choice for the Four Big state-owned banks and their branches as well as other major financial institutions around the country, CTC provides these institutions with a full range of language services such as document translations, on-site translations, interpreting, language training, shorthand services and multi-media translations. To these financial institutions, CTC is truly an indispensable language bridge. Meanwhile, CTC has translated a great number of classical Chinese texts for domestic publishers, in order to enhance the international influence of Chinese culture and promote more prominent Chinese contributions to the global village.


In the field of legal translations, CTC is also in a class of its own, serving as the authoritative legal translation agency and providing translation and interpretation services for courts, the PSB (Public Security Bureau) and embassies all year round. CTC also provides language services for many well-known law firms and multinationals.


In 2005, CTC became the first large state-owned language service enterprise to obtain ISO9001-2000 certification.


In 2009, CTC joined the United Nation Global Compact, strictly complying with the ten principles of the Global Contract and earnestly fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. To date, CTC is the only Chinese translation enterprise that has joined.


CTC is a high-level member of the Translators Association of China and houses the Secretariat of the Association’s Translation Service Committee. It is also the designated CATTI (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters) training institution, and a field study center for many first-class institutions, such as the Beijing Foreign Studies University’s Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, Peking University, and the University of International Business and Economics.


Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (GTC Tech) is the holding subsidiary of China Translation Corporation. Based on the world leading language technologies, GTC Tech uses the Internet/mobile Internet, language big data and cloud computing to create O2O language service solutions for users. With billions of language big data, huge translation talent pool, and valuable Language Cloud (YeeCloud) O2O business platform, GTC Tech has become a world leading comprehensive language services and technology provider.


YeeCloud provides a whole set of language translation-based B2C tools by virtue of its innovative technologies. With its proprietary core translation algorithm, YeeCloud has been making progress in fields such as semantics-based search, smart voice recognition and synthesis, dynamic image recognition, professional machine translation technology, deep learning and artificial intelligence, and bringing users a more intelligent, convenient, and efficient language service experience.


For business user terminals, YeeCloud currently offers customized machine translation, cross-language big data mining and analysis, and multi-lingual call and interlink centers; for individual user terminals, YeeCloud arranges FindYee APP, YeeKit Webpage Translation, YeeKit CAT and YeeCaption; for Internet/mobile Internet platform terminals, YeeCloud will build links to the Internet platforms, urban language cloud, as well as cross-language and cross-platform social communication. Therefore, YeeCloud covers almost any possible translation need that you may have.


YeeCloud boasts a corpus with hundreds of millions of entries, the most cutting-edge natural language processing technology, intelligent machine translation technology, and 40 years of accumulated quality translation and service experience. From 1973, when we began providing translation services for the United Nations as China's first translation company, to 2013, when YeeCloud - the world's first intelligent language cloud - was launched, to 2015, when YeeCloud is serving users worldwide with a brand new "Internet +" mode, we have been building a highly efficient and convenient online language service platform for our users.






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