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Chinese Character and Word of the Year

source:The Commercial Press | 2015-08-19









Chinese Character and Word of the Year, acultural brand established by The Commercial Press and a cultural event annually held by The Commercial Press, was initiated by National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center and the Commercial Press in 2006. Since then, it has been gaining greater influence year by year, and already become a grandevent in China. With the help of modern media and constant innovation, this event is full of positive energy, represents the spirit of the age and realizes cultural communication.


It is an event for netizens to select a Chinese character or a word that is meant to capture the spirit of China and the world in the past year. This character or word is not only a record of thesocial changes, but also the reflection of the charm of Chinese language. It is an event for people to comprehend the cultural connotation of Chinese language while caring about the outer world. Every year The Word of the Year in China and The Word of the Year Worldwide, together with Top 10 Catch-phrases, Top 10 New Expressions and Top 10 Online Expressions, are announced on the ceremony.


This event has gained comprehensive attention of Chinese society. A lot of netizens participate in the selection,and various media have reported the result. CCTV News and News 30 reported continuously on TV and Topics in Focus even made feature programs for two years in a row. Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, People’s Daily, GuangmingDaily, China Youth News, etc. have reported on this event. It is even a hot topic in Japan, Korea, Singapore and other places influenced deeply by Chinese culture. Apparently, it has become a huge event.


The Commercial Press, as the first modern publishing organization in China, is fully committed to the cultural cause of “promoting education and enlightening people”. She always manages to keep the balance between social benefits and economic benefits. And she always puts cultural communication as the top priority. With the enhancement of China’s national strength and the rise of Chinese culture, Chinese language, as an importantpart of national cultural resources and China’s soft power, has been increasingly valued by the people. To host Chinese Character and Word of theYear is just the embodiment of The Commercial Press’ cultural commitment. Asthe most influential public benefit activity held by The Commercial Press, it is a window for people to broaden their horizons and keep in pace with the times.It is also a window that shows how Chinese people see themselves and how they see the world. All in all, it shows Chinese people’s strong feeling of national pride and self-confidence.





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