Keep the faith, raise the skills, and strengthen fortitude, tenacity and discipl

  • Source:CPG | 2021-06-07

From April 7th to 9th, China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG) held this year’s first group learning of the Youth’s Theoretical Study Group and Training Session for Hard-core Young Personnel at Central School of Communist Youth League of China to promote Party’s history learning and education and strength education and training of Communist Youth League carders and young core personnel. Huang Zhijian, Chairman & Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of CPG, attended the commencement and gave a Party lecture to the young people. Liu Bogen, Board Member & Vice Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Secretary of the Party Committee of organs directly affiliated to CPG, attended the opening ceremony and gave a pep speech. Chen Yonggang, Vice President & member of Leading Party Members’ Group, gave a lecture on the 14th Five-year Plan and held a panel to get feedback from young employees on the 14th Five-year Plan of CPG. Experts and leaders were invited to give lectures on Party’s history learning and education, ideological work, Communist Youth League and youth work in the state owned enterprises. About 100 people participated in the training, including Communist Youth League cadres from the units affiliated to CPG, representatives from Youth’s Theoretical Study Group, representatives of youth studying models and young core personnel.


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