CPG Conducted Safety Inspections before the Festival

  • Source:CPG | 2021-04-08


On February 7th, Zhang Jichen, member of Leading Party Members’ Group of CPG and Vice President of China Publishing & Media Holdings Co., Ltd., and Wang Zhi, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, conducted safety inspections on the Press and Publication Building and headquarters of China Publishing Group Corp. (CPG). The overall inspections and investigations were carried out on equipment systems, including central air-conditioning, power distribution, fire control, monitoring and charging facilities for electric vehicles, as well as parking lots and office areas occupied by sundries. Many people participated in the inspections, including heads from related departments of the corporation, People’s Music Publishing House and Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, together with the directors of property management company.

In the headquarter of CPG, Zhang Jichen and Wang Zhi led the team to visit the parking spaces for electric vehicles, fire control center, monitoring room, underground garage, heating station, and water pump room, etc., and checked key elements to ensure clear passageway, well-equipped fire control system and regularly maintained machinery. They required the relevant departments to strengthen management and carry out special inspections for safe production before the Festival, thus solving potential safety problems ahead of time and ensuring risk-free of the key elements.


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