“Chinese Inventory 2020” word of the year announced

  • Source:CPG | 2021-01-25

OnDecember 21, the unveiling ceremony of “Chinese Inventory 2020” co-sponsored bythe National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, the CommercialPress, People’s Daily Online, and Tencent was held in Beijing. Since the startof this event, the top ten internet terms, ten buzzwords, and ten new words of2020 have been successively released. In the end, “民(people)”, “脱贫攻坚(povertyalleviation)”, “疫(epidemic)” and “新冠疫情(Covid-19epidemic)” were elected as domestic character,domestic word, international character and international word.

The“Chinese Inventory” event has been held for 15 years, aiming to describe Chinaand the world in one character and one word, encouraging all people to uselanguage to record their lives, and describe the social changes and the worldunder the Chinese perspective. This year’s event continued to make efforts inshort videos, recommending and posting words in the form of videos, sharing theprogress of the event, and dynamically recording China and the world in 2020.

Language are important carriers for cultural inheritance,development and prosperity, expressing and transmitting the charm of a country’sculture and the cohesion of a nation. The “Chinese Inventory” will continue tofaithfully record the progress of China and the world in beautiful Chinese,highlight the charm and elegance of Chinese characters, strengthen culturalconfidence, promote cultural prosperity, and provide a source of power for thedevelopment of the nation and the prosperity of the country.


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