Huang Zhijian presided over the forum for young employees

  • Source:CPG | 2021-01-20

OnDecember 2nd, Huang Zhijian, President & Deputy Secretary of the LeadingParty Members’ Group, presided over a forum for young employees of second-levelunits and listened to the thoughts of 14 representatives of the youngsters onthe work of the units and the Group, as well as their opinions and suggestionson the Group's 14th Five-Year Plan. Chen Yonggang, Vice President & Memberof the Leading Party Members’ Group, attended the meeting.

The young people suggested that the Group shouldstrengthen training and exchange as well as assessment and incentive, improveorganizational structure and business process, and enhance publishing productsand brand building. Particularly, the Group should strengthen the training ofapplication of new media technology, implement mentorship, and carry outbusiness exchanges among the publishing houses and well developed privatecompanies within the Group. Besides, the Group should also establish amechanism for young employees to take the initiative in responsibilities andmeet challenges.

HuangZhijian stressed that the future of the Group lies in the youth who is also thedriving force of innovation, transformation and integrated development, so hehoped to hear the voices from the youth, the grassroots and the future to learnwhat they are thinking about, how they plan for the future, and whatexpectations they have for the Group. The group will fully absorb the opinionsof young people in next year’s work deployment and the “14th Five-Year Plan”,and strive to provide them with a relaxed environment, a sense of pride, apowerful incentive and a platform to achieve self-fulfillment.


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