CPG held the first lecture

  • Source:CPG | 2021-01-20

On theafternoon of December 4th, China Publishing Group Corp.(CPG) heldthe first lecture to study and implement the spirit of the 5th Plenary Sessionof the 19th CPC Central Committee. Tan Yue, Chairman & Secretaryof the Leading Party Members’ Group of CPG delivered a report for over 900staff members.

Closely focusing on the Proposal andtheCommunique adoptedby the 5th Plenary Session as well as the important speech made by GeneralSecretary Xi Jinping, Tan Yue interpreted the spirit of the Plenary Session ina comprehensive and systematic way with simple language. His lectured mainly from four aspects. The first is todeeply understand the great significance, favorable conditions and importantcharacteristics of China’s new stage of development. The second is toaccurately grasp the long-range objectives through the year of 2035 and the guidingprinciples, main goals and key tasks of China’s development during the 14thFive Year Plan period. The third is to firmly grasp the strategic vision andkey focus of building a new development pattern. The fourth is to adhere to theoverall leadership of the CPC and mobilize all forces to work together for therealization of the 14th Five Year Plan and the long-range objectivesthrough the year of 2035.

LiuBogen, Vice Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group, presided over this lecture. More than 80people, including leaders of all secondary units of the Group and cadres at orabove the department level of the headquarters attended the lecture at the mainvenue of the Group. Cadres at or above the department level of all secondaryunits and some tertiary units outside Beijing, joining-party activists and trainees of the coursefor new party members of the Group participated in the lecture via video at 35branch venues respectively. Huang Zhijian, Liu Bogen and other members of the LeadingParty Members’ Group will also give lectures on the spirit of the 5th PlenarySession in different occasions.


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